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tv   America This Morning  ABC  July 23, 2014 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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making news this morning, crisis in the middle east, israel keeps up its assault an gaza and raising concerns for u.s. airlines. live with the overnight developments. crash site clues. new evidence of debris being tampered where where flight 17 went down and the wreckage discovered unexamined. flag swap. stars and stripes secretly replaced. the iconic america landmark now at the center of a mystery raising questions about security. need a lift? a couple of kayakers with a whale of a tale after getting raised out of the water. good morning, i'm reena ninan. >> and i'm ryan smith. a new day of flighting as
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airlines from around the world steer clear of israel. and palestinian families scrambling to get out of a gaza neighborhood slammed by shelling and air strikes. israel is still urging international airlines to resume flights to tel aviv after a rocket landed close to the airport. we have the latest. sus susan, good morning. >> reporter: despites appeals the faa says the ban is in place to protect americans. early wednesday, clashes between palestinian and israeli troops left at least one person dead in bethlehem in the west bank. and over gaza, the sky was ablaze as both sides fired rockets and missiles. and now the u.nited states is feeling the ripple effects after it landed less than a mile from the airport it is prohibiting
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u.s. airlines from flying into and out of the airport for up to a day, an extreme measure they haven't enacted in more than 20 years. major european carriers followed suit. >> with the travel warning we take seriously the security and safety of american citizens. >> reporter: the dome system failed. >> one kilometer straight like this to the airport. >> reporter: the move to ban arrivals and departures from the main gateway to the world is a sign of caution about flying near combat zones heightened by the downing of a jet. overnight radar showed skies over israel quiet. even former new york city mayor michael bloomberg want the ban reversed saying it only hurts israel. now, secretary of state kerry just landed in jerusalem continuing to push for a negotiated cease-fire that would bind both sides to at least a
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temporary peace. reena, ryan. >> thank up, susan saulny live in washington, a national day of mourning in the netherlandss. >> a solemn ceremony at the airport in ukraine as dozens of coffins were put aboard for the final flight. with more on the investigation into the crash here's abc's kirit radia. >> reporter: a wheat field not far from where flight 17 crashed littered with debris and completely unguarded. part of the crime scene potentially crucial evidence lying exposed. this piece in particular, unlike the rest, it's burned and shows holes perhaps from an explosion. it raises questions only experts can answer but so far those experts still aren't here and in the meantime, all of this evidence is unguarded. the u.s. and its allies are increasing pressure on vladimir putin's russia to use its influence with the rebels to cooperate with investigators. the european union imposing more sanctions on russia.
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putin blasted the ukrainian government for continuing its military offensive but said he would do what he can to facilitate the investigation. a small team of investigators visited the crash site but the full investigation has yet to begin. concerns growing evidence may have been tampered with. >> tampered on an industrial scale. >> reporter: international monsters say they've seen parts of the plane moved and cut to pieces. hopes after an untainted investigation fading days after the crash. kirit radia, abc news, ukraine. >> the doomed cruise ship "costa concordia" is on the way to genoa where it will be scrapped. a live picture of the ship moving at an extremely slow pace by at least a dozen other ships. also along for the ride huge convoy of disaster response teams just in case something goes wrong. the ship ran aground and capsized off italy's west coast
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in jiang of 2012 killing 342 people, the largest wildfire the history of washington state is still raging out of control this morning. the 2000 firefighters are expected to make more progress but the quarter million acre fire is now just 16% contained. at least 150 homes have burned to the ground and many families had no time to grab any belongings. >> we've sifted through and tried to find something, you know, a memory, a picture, something. >> have you found anything? >> no. it's all gone. >> reporter: even though the rain is expected to bring relief they fear lightning strikes could spark more fires. witnesses say they saw a man and two women walking near the water where they heard a loud cracking noise. the man died on the scene from lightning and the women hospitalized. president obama's health
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care law has two victory rulings against it one after another by federal appeals court. one court questioned if state subsidies helping millions to pay their premiums were legal. then another appeals court said they were legal. policy holders should expect no change in coverage while the legal fight is decided. and new overnight the online ticket resale site stub hub has been hit and hackers got into more than a thousand customer accounts and fraudulent by bought tickets for event and got their login from data breaches at other websites or from malware on the customers' computers. timing for the weather. plan on rain and thunder from washington and oregon stretching east into the dakotas. also heavy rain along the gulf coast north into arkansas and stormy conditions blanketing the entire east from florida to maine. >> those eastern storms will bring steamy temperatures raising from the high 80s to the
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mid-90s but unusually mild around chicago and detroit with only highs reefing the mid-70s. >> well, we're learning what apple will likely be calling their smartwash and it's not the iwatch. >> high above an american landmark the mysterious stunt that's baffling police. a mangled mess of debris and metal. how a pilot was able to walk away from this crash.
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. chrysler is addressing a similar defect by recalling hundreds of thousands of vehicles with faulty ignitions.
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nearly 800,000 jeeps from 2005 to 2007 being recalled. the ignitions could disengage shutting off the engine and disabling air bags. chrysler is notifying owners of grand cherokees and commanders and work on a fix. sales of orange juice at their lowest level ever down 38% over the last ten years. analysts are blaming a bacteria destroying much of florida's citrus crops and recent studies so o.y. is full of calories and sugar. almost as much as sodas. concerns over possible listeria contamination triggered a recall of peach, nectarines and plums shipped mostly to costco and trader joe's. the packing company behind it says it is a precautionary recall and voluntary emphasizing no illnesses have been reported. apple has been granted a new patent for a new smartwatch called itime and will be able to
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s syny up with computers and tablets and may be able to be used without another device and expected to hit stores in the fall around the time the new iphone is rumored to be available. apple's third quarter earnings have come in in just under $8 billion. the company's biggest gain in two years due to cost cutting along with strong sales for iphones and computers but overall sales growth grew by less than 6%. a bit below expectations. still not bad, huh? >> those cords that get me that you have to change them with every device. i hope they have the same adapters. >> from the 4 to the 5. >> they get you on the adapters. >> there you go. she's mad. a survey that might challenge the conventional wisdom about secret spending. it finds that less than a quarter of women admit to hiding shopping from their partner. okay, that makes sense. sounds like it makes sense. >> when it comes to men that number nearly doubled. twice as much. can you believe it? really. those men say instead of lying
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about how much something costs they'd rather hide their purchase and destroy the receipt. >> that sounds about right. >> really? >> yes. >> you've done that? >> well, i don't really want to comment on that but let's just move to the next thing. that's when we come back. >> nice watch. >> there you go. spreading concerns. a growing number of states now dealing with a mosquito-borne virus and major league baseball player who thinks he has it. >> plus, pastry pranks. the bizarre spree involving baked goods and wind shield wipers. [ male announcer ] if you had a dollar for every dollar car insurance companies say they'll save you by switching, you'd have, like, a ton of dollars. but how are they saving you those dollars? a lot of companies might answer "um" or "no comment." then there's esurance. born online, raised by technology and majors in efficiency. so whatever they save, you save. hassle, time, paperwork,
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officers stung several times as they were helping three people who were injured in the crash. eventually the road was re-opened but a difficult, difficult time for police and those injured. >> and if you're on the road this morning, wet weather could be a problem. be on the lookout for possible flooding anywhere from the gulf coast north to the eastern great lakes. and from florida. north to maine. if you're flying stormy weather could cause airport delays in washington, philadelphia, new york city and boston. and back to the news now. new york police are launching an investigation after two white flags were placed on the iconic brooklyn bridge. >> police say the perpetrators worked their way around locked gatess, climbing to the top of both towers using aluminum pans to block out the spotlights. then american flags were replaced. the landmark bridge is considered such a high-profile terror target it is under 24-hour surveillance. >> they're telling you that your security is not effective. what more of a tell-taling sign you need to show you that you're not doing a good job?
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>> police say they don't think it was an act of terrorism or a political statement but they are still taking it very seriously. taking a look now at this wreckage from a helicopter crash near seattle, it's hard to believe that the pilot survived. rescuers say the 63-year-old man had facial and internalal injuries but expected to recover. the pilot was landing to pick up or had landed to pick up cedar blocks as he was taking off, the tale of the helicopter clipped the logging cable, spun out of control and crashed. the new york man who died after a police officer appeared to use an ill choke hold on him will be laid to rest today. the videotaped confrontation with 43-year-old eric garner prompted the police commissioner to announce all officers will be retrained on the use of force. the fbi now monitoring the case as investigators await autopsy results. and this camera phone video showing an alleged shoplifter was taken in the parking lot of a walmart in oklahoma. the man seen taking items from a shopping cart and putting them
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into an suv. the guy taking the video accuses him of shoplifting but that suspect denies that police say they have identified everyone in the video and their investigation continues. now to a sticky situation in oregon. doughnut capers. dropping sweet treats over a -- vandals making such a mess they're dropping deli doughnut, chocolate eclairs and other frosted pastries and these have been popping up all over town -- over all hillsborough for six weeks now. they believe they're kids, may be using day old sweets tossed out by a local grocery store. that sticky situation indeed. >> i wouldn't have a problem with that? >> no? >> day olds aren't so great. >> i had's take it. at least 31 people are battling chikungunya. most of the infected patients traveled to the caribbean. several domestic cases have been diagnosed, as well. a player from the tampa bay rays now believes he has chikungunya.
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relief pitcher joel perlotta may have contracted it on a recent trip to the dominican republic. a 12-year-old battling a brain tumor. math nthew beakner. his favorite player, mccutcheon from the pirates. >> pretty good. playing mlb at 12 years old. >> it's amazing. it's more than we ever could have wished for and i'm glad he gets to do it with everything he's been through. >> great. pretty good playing mlb at 12 years old. in addition to all that he did on the field matthew also threw out the first pitch at last night's game and then to top it off he saw the pirates beat the dodgers, 12-7. now for some other baseball highlights. >> for those here's our man at espn. good morning, america.
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welcome to our "sportscenter" studio here in los angeles. i'm stan verrett. early in the day tuesday, yankees made a trade with the san diego padres to acquire chase headley to bolster line lineup. when they took on the rankers he was playing with them. first derek jeter with this double he passes lou gehrig for the most downs all time in yankees' history. they went to extra innings with the rangers. bottom 14, tied at one. winning run on third. headley had to fly in from chicago where the padres were on the road. there he is at the plate. and how about that. headley game-winning hit on his first day in pinstripes, second yankee to do that. brewers and reds. it was jonathan lucroy, brow brewers up 2-1. lucroy had been struggling, past 25 games or so but that solo home run, brewers up 3-1. bottom of the ninth in a 3-3.
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lucroy off sam l'ecuyer, let's go home. time to bounce in milwaukee. brewers win it, 4-3. that's all we have from here. now back to you. up next in "the pulse," say it ain't so. why so many fans think this could be the end for jay and queen be. >> kayakers get a lift they never could have expected. ♪ your eyes. even at a distance of 10 miles... the length of 146 football fields. they can see the light of a single candle. your eyes are amazing. look after them with centrum silver. multivitamins to help support your eyes, heart and brain. centrum silver. for the most amazing parts of you. now, with a new easy to swallow coating.
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♪ welcome to the corner of and "getting major kudos." just look at you. you're being healthy, even in little ways. that's worth celebrating. that's why walgreens created the first program that gives you rewards points just for healthy behavior. so stick with it. you've got a lot of people cheering you on... ...and rewarding you along the way. at the corner of happy and healthy. ♪ time to check "the pulse," stories you're going to be talking about today and new yorkers apparently aren't just jaded they're apparently
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miserable too if you listen to one survey. >> it put new york on the top of the list for unhappy cities followed by pittsburgh, louisville, milwaukee and detroit. >> as for the happiest towns, richmond, virginia, then norfolk, washington, d.c., raleigh-durham and my old city, atlanta. >> yeah, your old hood. researchers asked people how satisfied they were with their lives and they factored in things like marital status, education race and family size. >> makes sense. you can't do too much in new york unless you're super ultra rich. >> so money does matter. >> yeah. >> okay. a big question for beyonce and jay z. that question, are they heading for divorce court? >> rumors about a possible split started after the "new york post" reported on their troubled marriage. the source says jay z is doing all he can to keep them together hiring marriage counselors during their current tour together. >> like everything else we've seen, the couple isn't talking
4:24 am
about any of the rumors. i mean still trying to figure out what happened in the elevator. >> imagine if that's happening while they're on tour together. how do you do that? struggle and have to be on stage performing together. >> and i would say probable separate tour buses. >> so many questions. of course, they're denying all of that at this point. and here's another one, most whale watchers, we know, they do all or most of their whale watching from the safety of a nice big boat, i would think. >> there's a couple of brave kayakers off the coast of argentina decided up close and permanent was so much better and this brave pair didn't encounter one wheel but a pod that lifted their kayak out of the water. >> the couple's facebook posting was remarkably understated saying an incredible evening, lots of sun, kayaking and whale watching. yeah. that's close up. >> too close. whales are nicer. >> yeah, i don't know. are they happy or are they like get out of my water. >> they don't live this new
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>> ♪ >> good morning, i'm tamala edwards t it's wednesday july 23rd and we have a exclusive video of an infant being rescued from a hot car. police say his mother left him inside while she went shopping. we're live with the latest on this investigation. get your workout in early this morning because accuweather says it may feel like 100 degrees out there today. meteorologist david murphy has details on the torture that's on tap. and international flights to israel have been suspended as the fighting in gaza rages on. a bump up in the speed limit takes effect did on a busy pennsylvania highway. we'll tell you where. theion news" is on in two. florida coast. rainy from the northwest into the dakotas. finally a story that includes more than just a little bit of irony. >> that's right. centers on the so-called george harrison tree which used to stand near the griffith
4:28 am
observatory. >> the former beatles tree was killed by beetles. we have a report now ♪ really want to see you. >> reporter: he was a music legend, a messenger of peace and avid gardener. >> really want to see you love. >> reporter: beatle band member george harrison died in los angeles in 2001. >> i love george harrison so i thought it was important to have a community meant to celebrate his life. >> reporter: the city planted this tree in harrison's honor the following year at the foot of the mt. hollywood hiking trail at the griffith observatory where nature lovers like harrison could reflect and remember. >> all the wonderful music. i can remember that being a drummer. what i can remember of the '60s, yeah, it was great. >> when i think of george harrison i think of the beatles, peace and john lennon and just happiness, fun times. >> the beatles were the original hippie music and so nature is the epitome of the beatles. >> reporter: but then crisis for
4:29 am
the tree fighting drought. >> a bark beetle sucked all the water out of it. >> reporter: bark beetles att k attacked this tree. >> i know how it's been eaten by beetles. i thought it was bees. pore ironic. >> this lonely stump is all that remains but fans say harrison's legacy is going strong. >> he's probably laughing at us right now. >> reporter: not to worry. ny new tree will be mrapdzed in the fall. for now this will have to do reminding everyone for the forest to be green each tree must be reason. rudabeh shibazi. >> maybe he did say all things must pass. >> there you go. >> what's making news in america. >> stay with us for "good morning america." have a great wednesday.
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. >> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪ >> good morning. we have exclusive video on this wednesday july 23rd. only on "action news" exclusive video as rescuers free a baby from a locked suv. details on what will happen to the mother. that's ahead in a live report. >> the support to get international flights back into israel after the faa banned u.s. carriers from flying to tel aviv. >> this invasion of beatles was not as welcome as the one that took place 50 years ago. the ironic end to a tree dedicated to an iconic music